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This video is the introduction of account management of XINZHIZAO.

If you purchase one account per year,you can login anytime anywhere, but only one user at a time. If you purchase three accounts per year, you will have one main account with two sub accounts. This is a demonstration of setting up a sub account. Click the “Sub account” button , and then “ADD”, type in your sub account’s name , it should be under five Characters. For example, set up a sub account named “03”,when you login,the user name would be “XZM TEST:03”. The password of the sub account would be set up by the main account .And the expiration time should be shorter than the main account’s, you can choose for one month,three months,half a year or one year.And you can choose whether you want to disable the sub account or not. Click “EDIT” when you want to disable you sub account,and you can add a new one after you disable the old one.You can have two sub accounts in total. When you login,use the user name “main account:sub account”,and the password which you just set up,click “Login”.

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